All sliding doors are available as supply only or supply & fit.

The main aim of sliding doors is to save space but the action must be superbly smooth, gliding open and closed with finger touch precision. All our sliding doors run on a deep bottom track - on fine nylon wheels which are adjustable to ensure perfect fit and alignment with no stress on the top track and no need to find ceiling joists when fitting. There are two styles of door to choose from; solitaire which has a choice of 16 steel frame colours or Diamond with 4 aluminium frame colours to select from.

Both styles of door are available with silver or bronze tinted mirror or you may wish to have wood panel doors which can be plain or with a choice of mouldings in a wide range of colours. Inlaid mirrors can also be fitted within moulding.

Decorative sliding doors are also available in many designs including brilliant cut patterns which can be linked across doors. Among the designs are the ever popular Charles Rennie Mackintosh selections. Frosted doors are also available with a choice of part mirror finishes for a spectacular look

Just that bit different and the latest range we have introduced is the oriental range which is very much 'in vogue' at the moment.

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